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Hello, welcome to our blog. We have a fashion institute at Patiala, we train our students to become a fashion designer, as well as we provide all knowledge to become a designer without joining any institute. We are here with our latest modules on our blog to convert willing, creative people to a professional designer. If you are really passionate about styling, designing, and a chaser of elegance looks believe us this fashion blog is a wonderful space area for you to communicate about the fashion world.

In this time online study is the best option for all learners. So I am designer Shelly Malik here to introduce all terms of fashion from fashion designing to illustration to create your own collection. Shells institute of fashion designing is offering a short-term online certificate course in ;

1.Fashion designing (kids/women’s wears)

 2. Color theory

  3. Fashion illustration

  4.Pattern making

Let’s begin with fashion study

What is fashion?

Normally, Fashion is styling yourself, according to the prevailing style. It’s important to style yourself in such a manner that suits your personality. For being so fashionable you should know your own personality and have an idea of things which enhance your looks. Copying everybody else without having knowledge of your own personality will shatter your looks. Imitating others is not a fashion. First of all, you should learn basic styling in fashion, you should know about your body type/looks. If you are familiar with your body shape and complexion than it will become easy, to design a dress with a perfect selection of colors, prints, texture, etc. which suits you. With all this knowledge you become a fashion designer. Initially, you can create a new style for yourself and later on for everyone.

Creating a new fashion is a challenging task only innovative designers can design high-class fashion. with some guidance and training, you can convert your passion to your dream profession. The following skills are required to become a fashion designer.

·  Highly creative artistic skills – if your skull is full of attractive ideas and your imagination are beyond the limits than the fashion world is waiting for you. By using you can create fantastic innovative designs and earn as much as you want. It is possible to nurture your ideas by observing things around you and become more artistic.

· Drawing skills – drawing is an essential part of the design, it’s the way through which designers translate their imagination to others. If someone wants to access creativity must know how to draw. With special training, anyone can improve their drawing skill. It required more practice to master in it. There are standard drawing techniques that need to learn for producing ultimate fashion sketches.

· Good eye for details – Along with a combination of creativity and good sketching you need another important skill to become a good designer is an observation on details of apparels. Garment detailing is the structure of garments. If your catchy eyes continuously observing the whole structure of outfits and emphasize you to create a unique dress with similar detailing, believe us you are going to set fashion industry on fire. Pleats, ruffles, shirring, darts, stylish pockets are a few examples of garment detailing.

· Understanding about fabric – Knowledge about fabric and a basic understanding of colors, texture, pattern, etc. will add feathers to your designing. Experimentation with different fabrics, colors, and patterns is helpful to analyze the design for forthcoming seasons.

· Strong visualization- The power of creativity and mental imaginary can make you fashion Guru. With strong visualization skills, you will attain desire designing. If you visualize the fashion world strongly, and more attached to fashion news, fashion shows, and fashion magazines, etc. that means you are imagining about fashion all the time. Next just close your eyes and see your imagination is producing marvelous designing in your mind.

To develop the above skills and become successful fashionprenure, follow my blog regularly. Join three months course in fashion designing too, for more information visit

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